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The one thing I want brides to know more than anything is that we are here for you. When you sign with us, we don't just take your deposit and talk to you the week of your wedding - we are here to answer questions and give advice the entire time, no matter what package or service you book.
There's no limit on how many calls or emails...
Please feel free to call or email anytime!
--Charli Linn - Owner - All The Details
Instead of telling you all about me, mother, happily married, workaholic...I decided to let some of my brides tell you:
(each quote is in their colors!)
Hey Charli,  
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so very much for everything! We could not have had the perfect beach wedding if it weren't for you and I'm so thankful for your hard work.  Thank you thank you thank you! I hope you guys were finally able to relax and enjoy the reception :)
Kyla & Josh
Dear Charli,
Thanks for everything, the wedding turned out just the way we it "beautiful"!
Thanks again,
Marilyn Latiolais - mother of bride
Maddie & Steve
I have attached a picture from the wedding that I loved!! Thank you so much for being so wonderful! My wedding was a fairy tale and I could not have done it without you.
Chelsea & Jake
Hi Charli & Dane
    Thanks to you both for ensuring Ken and I had a beautiful wedding. It was beautiful and elegant, just as we hoped for.  We absolutely loved every detail of our wedding.  
    We been traveling and just arrived in Colorado Springs this weekend, so I don't have our final pictures; however, there were several cameras on the beach, so here are a few pictures that I wanted to share.
Stephanie & Ken
Thank you for helping me with Leah's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. Leah said the wedding was exactly the way she had pictured it to be.
Teresa Malone - mother of bride
Leah & Jordan
Thank you so much for everything! It was beautiful!
Heather & Bradley
Charli Linn,
Thank you so much for helping us to plan and put together the beautiful wedding. I know it was a challenge with a double wedding, but you did a wonderful job! Buck and I appreciate all of your hard work.
Austin & Buck
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I found All The Details after searching beach weddings in Gulf Shores online. After talking to Charli Linn, the owner, on the phone about their services, I knew she was the right one. I'm so happy that I went with her because I couldn't have askedf or a better experience. Charli helped me find all my vendors and was there every step of the way. The wedding was gorgeous and I owe it all to All The Details. If you are wanting a beach wedding in the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach area, use All The Details (aka Dreamy Beach Weddings).
Jennifer Pike Madonia
We just wanted to THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!  We could not have done it without you!!!!!  You did such an INCREDIBLE JOB!!!! Everything was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!  It was truly our (my LOL) dream wedding and we just cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! We received soooo many compliments from our families on how beautiful and smooth things were.  I would have loved for you to have joined us at the reception, but I knew you had another wedding to do.  I understand why you stay so busy LOL! You are GREAT at what you do and it has been a REAL PLEASURE working with you!!! Thank you again for the referrals, the peace of mind, and the memories!!!! You're the BEST!!!!!!
 Christi & Andy Williams
I just wanted to thank you again for everything.  It has been a pleasure working with you this past year.  Everything turned out perfect and beautiful just as I hoped and imagined it would be.  I know I had a few doubts on Saturday morning and you tried to help ease those.  You and your crew did an amazing job setting up under the house.  It would  have been pretty even if we had not been able to move it to the beach.  Thank you again for all your help and referrals over the past few months.  I will definitely refer you to anyone I know that is planning a beach wedding. 
Have a great summer!
Barbara Black-Mother of the Bride
Thanks!!! We just wanted to say bey and a big old Mississippi THANK YOU!! We appreciate everything you, everything looked and was GREAT!!!
Merika King Kelsey
Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding you put together!! It could not have been more perfect. The flowers were unreal and more than I dreamed of. Thank god the rain held out! Again, thank you, it was perfect!
Jessica & Jim Piorkowski
HEY THERE! The wedding went well...really really well. We were very pleased. The day was great and the flowers, chairs, sashes were just TOP of the line... I can't tell you how perfect it was.
Anne Marie Gavran
Thank you thank you thank you for making our wedding ceremony beautiful! Everything was perfect!
Stephanie Jacks (Leblanc)
Thank you so much for your all your coordinating! It was a beautiful wedding!! You did such a wonderful job! Thank you again! :)
Renee Freese Rich
Thank you for all the ways you cared and the things you did to make for a beautiful display and a wonderful weekend. Everything you did was fantastic and made such a difference. We are blessed you came into our lives. Thank you!
Gina & Helen Richardson
Thank you and your team for everything!! I'm not sure what we would have done without ya'll. And despite Tropical Storm Lee, everything was wonderful! We truly appreciate everything!
Matt & Kelly Gould
You did an amazing job of pulling everything together for this event, with photography, flowers, catering, transportation. Thank you for all your hard work!
Kathy Farrar Mother of Bride 9.17.11
You were absolutely fantastic and CRITICAL for our wedding.  Not just the ceremony... if it weren't for you, we would have had a mess of a situation on our hands for our reception.  So thank you for that.  As for the ceremony, it couldn't have been more beautiful.  I say this with the utmost sincerity, our wedding day, the months leading up to it, the planning and the execution are a direct result of you.  Our wedding was perfect, we wouldn't have changed a thing... and that, too, is a direct result of you.  So thank you.  We couldn't be happier!
Philip Mize 9.10.11
Charli and her crew did a fabulous job! Thank you soooo much!
Becky Word Mother of Bride 6.17.11
I can not even begin to say how much we appreciate everything you did for us. You went above and beyond and it was more beautiful and perfect than I could ever have imagined. You truly are a wonderful person.
Kelsey Sanchez
I know it has been a little while, but I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for everything that you did for our wedding. The ceremony was amazing and so memorable. 
Thank you again for everything!!
Lizzie and Cameron Vaughn 5.21.11
Hey y'all. Thanks for everything!!! My day was perfect!!!!  My friend just took some pics. She uploaded them to walmart so here is the site. I'm getting a cd from her and Tony Thagard so if y'all need any or want to use any please do. Again thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!
Julie Cade 5.28.11
Hi dear, sorry have not gotten back with you sooner but I have just been here at the beach being lazy. Wedding was beautiful and you just can't believe all the nice things I have heard about everything. Thank you so much for making Elizabeth's dream come true. You did a great job and thank you so very much. Love, MK
Mary King Dunkin
Mother of Bride Elizabeth Hill 5.14.11
Thank you for the most amazing wedding! It was much better than I ever imagined!! You took my very simple intimate wedding and made it very romantic and elegant without making it fussy, and that was what I wanted. I can't thank you enough for even adding extra chairs and flowers when I had more guests than intended, and also moving the chairs close to make it feel more cozy!! You go far beyond your duty to make my day very special. Thank You Charli. I would recommend you to everyone who wants a stree free dream wedding.
Thank You,
Candace & Cole Hicks
I meant to send this sooner but as you can imagine as soon as we returned from the honeymoon it has been crazy.  I wanted to let you know that our wedding was amazing.  I am so thankful I found you when I was looking for someone to handle all the details of the wedding.  You kept us informed throughout out the oil spill scare and were very supportive throughout the other obstacles we faced the last 6 months of planning the wedding.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday and get some much needed time off.  I cant wait to see the pictures I know they will be amazing...
Deanna & Chris Carey
Charli, I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I was with the way our wedding turned out on Friday. Sorry you couldn't be there to see it. Carrie & Dane are awesome & I couldn't have planned for a better result of all of your (and the other venders') hardwork! It was beautiful & everything was perfect! Thanks so much!!!
Emily Scheiding Werenczuk
Dear Charli,
Thank you so much for putting us at ease. We want to enjoy our daughter's wedding - your help is essential! She feels very comfortable in your hands. I very much look forward to meeting you and spending 6/24/10 in the pleasure of your company. Again, Thank you.
Sue Wilson
p.s. A picture of the couple; they also have a 7 1/2 month old daughter, Ellisa - she's a sweetpea!
from theMother of Bride Casey Wilson - to be married 6/24/10
Thanks for everything. You were great, Drew just kept talking about how awesome you were. Everyone loved you, it was everything I wanted. Thanks again !
Drew & Lindsey Bizette
Jeff and I just want to say thank you for all you did to make our wedding so special. It was perfect - even with the chilly weather! We couldn't have done it without you.
Love, Joanne and Jeff (Weiss)
Wedding Date 10/17/2009
Charli and Mike:
Thank you for making Joanne & Jeff's wedding so wonderful! We could have never done it without you. You two are very special people. You make everything go so smoothly. It was a joy and a a pleasure to work with you. May you always have day full of sunshine!
Love, Mr. & Mrs. Weiss (Mike & Sissy)
parents of Joanne Weiss - Wedding 1017/09
Hi !!
I just wanted to tell you that Friday the 23rd couldn't have gone any better. Everything looked amazing. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to making my day a very special one. The weather turned out beautiful and everything fell into place perfect. Again thank you, I cant say enough how pleased I was with everything.
Amber Blessinger
I just wanted to thank you for keeping tabs and following up regarding our wedding.
Norma was absolutely the best thing in the world.  She was so organized (when we weren't) she knew how to handle every little crisis that came up and she was fantastic to work with.
We were blessed to have her.  Thank you for your professionalism.  Our wedding was fantastic and we could not have done it without Norma..  
All my best,
I miss talking to you!!  This is so late but everyone said that that was the best wedding they've ever been to.  Thank you for everything and for most importantly being my new best friend!!!  I hope to talk to you soon and I hope you and your family are doing awesome!!!! 
Miss you!!!
Morgan McMurray Masley
Wedding Date 6/27/09
*and a quote from her Dad, who sent me a Thank You card - this guy was rough on me, and kept me on my toes!
"Dear Charli, Heck you did it! It was perfect and I'm the smartest Dad for hiring you!! Everyone thought is was the best experience they've had in a long time. Perfect!! Thank you so much! Greg "
Thank you Charli for doing a phenominal job on our wedding! Everything I imagined it would be you helped bring to life. I would recommend you a thousand times over. You helped so much and took a lot of pressure off of me during the whole process, especially on our wedding day. Thank you for being so nice and helpful. It was a perfect day!
Melissa Davis Wyatt
Wedding Date 10/18/08
I just wanted to thank you for all of your planning and coordination of the wedding.  Everything went beautifully.  Thanks again.   
Donelle Warner
Hey Charli,
You guys need to have a place on the website for guests to leave a comment.  I want all your future clients to know what a pleasure it was to work with you and how absolutely fabulous the wedding was.  It was, by far, the best wedding I have ever been to.  It was great to have some peace of mind on Saturday, knowing that you had everything under control and that it would be beautiful.  Thank you again for everything!
Kellie Bango
(sister of the bride- Brittany Bango Rudicil)
Wedding Date 5/16/09
i just wanted to tell you thank you so much for all that you did the wedding went great! you did an awesome job !!! it was beautiful and just what i wanted!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!
 ::** ElySe **::
Elyse Long Nelson
Wedding Date 4/25/09
I cannot express how awesome you have been through this process! Thank you so much. Hopefully I haven't driven you too crazy :-)
Libby Cheema Morrow
Wedding Date 8/30/08
Thank you so much for everything! I was very excited how our wedding turned out. Everything was wonderful.
Angie Owens Ragland
Wedding Date 09/09/09
What an awesome wedding planner you are!! Thank you so much for all your help with our special day. Both the ceremony and the reception were perfect.
We greatly appreciate you!
With Love,
Heath & Autumn Bridges
Wedding Date 9/5/09
"Customer Service is Not a Department, It's an Attitude!"
Future Wedding Planner
Josie Linn
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