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AL.COM Beach wedding Article
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I received an email from a bride today that included a list of things she wanted included in her package. I found this interesting, as I'm sure she's been shopping around. What intrigued me about this list is that many of the things she asked for are free services we offer our clients. 
On the list of requests were:
Phone/ email consultations
Marriage License Information
Assist with Guest Accomodations (refer hotels)
Legal Filing of Marriage License (this is a STAMP!)
Assistance finding location of ceremony & reception
All of these services are FREE with our packages! And don't let anyone lead you to believe there is any value in filing your marriage license - it's a stamp! You just mail it.
We really want brides to know that we don't just book you and then leave you hanging out to dry! We will help you along the way, give you all the guidance and advice you need, and also give you all the referrals you need to get the event planned!
Over and above. That's our mission.
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