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Thank you Annelise & Andy!!!
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Wonderful wedding! Beautiful couple!!!
Added extra to our beach wedding ceremony!!!
AL.COM Beach wedding article


AL.COM Beach wedding Article
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Wow! Where did April & May go? We completed 5 April weddings - all were great and went off without a hitch! The wind was fierce this April, but no competition for me & my crew! We did have to scale back flowers on one arbor due to the weight - but my florist had done the arrangements so beautifully, nobody noticed. We had a white & turquoise wedding, 2 purple weddings, a red wedding...the colors just go on and on....April is great - you can get away with just about anything!
We have had so much fun with our May brides this year - Elizabeth's wedding was a longggg spiral aisle, one way in, one way out (unless you cheated). I LOVED this and I loved that they were so willing to be different - everyone will remember that wedding! Their reception was great-they had an awesome band and some fun and funky decor under the tent, and I left there feeling like had made friends for life!
We still have 2 May weddings to go and the weather has just been awesome! I hope it holds out right through June! 
But, I have to say my favorite highlight of the year, so far, was last night's father & daughter dance. They had rehearsed an extremely funny dance to a bunch of song clips. Her dad was just so funny the entire time - and then to come out and perform that dance with his daughter was just so awesome! I'll remember that reception for sure! Great food too -thanks to Mark & Chef Charlie.
So, I am looking forward to meeting all my upcoming summer brides and their families- but I'll also be looking forward to our travels in July, and a much needed rest~
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