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AL.COM Beach wedding Article
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I haven't posted in a long time; I've been really busy with a child in school, softball, theatre, and weddings...but, I feel compelled to post about something....
I got a text from my daughter's first grade teacher on Saturday, 6/15/13. She was at Alabama Point Public Beach Access, located near the Pass (the big bridge between Alabama & Florida). She said she saw 6 weddings all in a row all right there on the same beach.
Now, I'm not sure who all the companies were that did that...however, you can be sure atleast one of them had a big ole sign right at the entrance to the beach, with their advertisement on it...if it was me, I would NOT want anyone to associate me with that mess!
She did text also text me pictures, but I would never post them. I can tell you though, there was a big pretty arbor, with burlap, and a wrought iron chandelier, and right next to it, was a rickety wire arch covered in artificial flowers, and the other side of it, was 2 white columns, with ferns...all sharing the same set of chairs.My witness said, as the weddings were over, they were whisking chairs away, and replacing in front of the other arches...
Here's what gets me most: I would bet you my new jeep (which I love), that none of those brides knew about the other 5 - yes FIVE, weddings around them.
BEWARE !! I believe in making a living, but at the expense of bride, making a cash cow should be outlawed!
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