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Thank you Annelise & Andy!!!
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Wonderful wedding! Beautiful couple!!!
Added extra to our beach wedding ceremony!!!
AL.COM Beach wedding article


AL.COM Beach wedding Article
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Summer Heat!

Another Beautiful day in Paradise! It was hot though, and we have another one today! Gotta say, I love the weekdays weddings. The roads and beaches are a little more quiet, and we still have the weekend ahead of us!
Yesterday's wedding went off without a hitch, but the heat was brutal to work in. This is why you hire people do to the work!! Do not impose on your guests to work for you on their vacation in this heat! That's why you hire us! I'm burnt, and sore, but getting ready to go do it again - cause this is what I do! Not fair to those who aren't used to it! Now, asking Mom, and Aunts to help set up a reception - that's a different story, but setting up the beach, in blazing sun, with no shade,is no joke.
So, Happy Wedding Day to my clients, Michelle & Cory today, and Congrats to Chelsie & Jake on their wedding yesterday!
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