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AL.COM Beach wedding Article
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I feel like posting today...about chandeliers. I don't know, I guess something just kinda dinged in my head today about some of the chandeliers I've been seeing out on the beach. Old, rusty, paint chipping off (possibly supposed to be shabby?), dingy, dirty crystals (that DON'T shine in the sun).. which brings me to my post..
I was part of the beginning of the trend in our area, and as usual, I'm getting copied, but the part that gets me, is the meaning of it is getting lost...
My original chandelier idea (after seeing it done at a VERY CUSTOM wedding), was the significance of having that chandelier in your home after, and keeping it wherever you move...I guess the thought of it going back in a box, in a warehouse, and used over and over again bothers me.
I have 2 of these chandeliers, one hanging in my daughters room, and one hanging in my beach office. Both of these are very sentimental to me. My daughter's was a surprise for her - my husband & I did a one day room makeover while she was at school, and my beach office chandelier for obvious reasons...my business is very close to my heart. Now, I will say that my step-mom had a chandelier she held on to for decades, in hopes to use it at my step sister's wedding..which she was finally able to do - this past July - THAT'S A CHANDELIER WITH MEANING...
Now, I wish I had the notion to hang a chandelier from my wedding arbor when I got married, but...atleast I can pass this on to my brides and testify to the fact that having something you STOOD UNDER to get married, will be something you truly treasure for life, and be able to pass down to your kids (maybe your daughter's wedding?)...
Happy Sunny Saturday!!
Charli Linn
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