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Thank you Annelise & Andy!!!
We love hearing from our brides!!!
Wonderful wedding! Beautiful couple!!!
Added extra to our beach wedding ceremony!!!
AL.COM Beach wedding article


AL.COM Beach wedding Article
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Notes from Charli

Beach ATD

Haven't posted in awhile...been enjoying my winter break! But, I have to say..I'm ready to be back on the beaches working!!

I met a bride at my beach office yesterday in Orange Beach...took her down on the beach to see where her wedding would be...she gasped and said "How Perfect."

Wide open white sand....no wooden loungers....no lifeguard shacks.......no giant white storage boxes...no other weddings...just wide open sand and a few beachgoers....Ahhh.

I let my daughter and her friend play and shell hunt to their hearts content.


I feel like posting today...about chandeliers. I don't know, I guess something just kinda dinged in my head today about some of the chandeliers I've been seeing out on the beach. Old, rusty, paint chipping off (possibly supposed to be shabby?), dingy, dirty crystals (that DON'T shine in the sun).. which brings me to my post..
I was part of the beginning of the trend in our area, and as usual, I'm getting copied, but the part that gets me, isthe meaning of it is getting lost

Weddings in full swing!

Wow! Where did April & May go? We completed 5 April weddings - all were great and went off without a hitch! The wind was fierce this April, but no competition for me & my crew! We did have to scale back flowers on one arbor due to the weight - but my florist had done the arrangements so beautifully, nobody noticed. We had a white & turquoise wedding, 2 purple weddings, a red wedding...the colors just go on and on....April is great - you can get away with just about anything!

Some time for family and friends!

I have had a wonderful few days of relaxation! The week before Thanksgiving we had our family from GA - all 13 of them - come and stay in our new home! What a wonderful time we had; it was so great to have so much excitement around here - especially having all my neices and nephews at the same time!
Thanksgiving was just awesome - we hosted a friends Thanksgiving, everyone brought food and only had to make a few things, including the Turkey, and relax and enjoy! And the ladies cleaned my kitchen!

Tent Reception Package

Coming Soon!
An All Inclusive Tent Reception Package!
I'm currently working on a tent reception package that will include the tent, lighting, dance floor, bar, tables, chairs, and linens, catering, cake, and entertainment!
I'm trying to get this put together as soon as possible, as I have had many many brides ask for this!
Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!


I'm excited to have this new blog on my website.
My plans for this blog are to offer tips and advice, as well as showcase my future weddings.
It's a work in progress, so check back soon!
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