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Thank you Annelise & Andy!!!
We love hearing from our brides!!!
Wonderful wedding! Beautiful couple!!!
Added extra to our beach wedding ceremony!!!
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AL.COM Beach wedding Article
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I feel like posting today...about chandeliers. I don't know, I guess something just kinda dinged in my head today about some of the chandeliers I've been seeing out on the beach. Old, rusty, paint chipping off (possibly supposed to be shabby?), dingy, dirty crystals (that DON'T shine in the sun).. which brings me to my post..
I was part of the beginning of the trend in our area, and as usual, I'm getting copied, but the part that gets me, isthe meaning of it is getting lost

Wedding Packages

I received an email from a bride today that included a list of things she wanted included in her package. I found this interesting, as I'm sure she's been shopping around. What intrigued me about this list is that many of the things she asked for are free services we offer our clients. 
On the list of requests were:
Phone/ email consultations
Marriage License Information
Assist with Guest Accomodations (refer hotels)
Legal Filing of Marriage License (this is a STAMP!)
Assistance finding location of ceremony & reception


Wow! What a busy season already! My tip for all you spring & summer brides out there is to get your big stuff booked now! Book your beach house or condo and get your entertainment booked right away too! Oh, and you better book me soon too - we are closing out many dates already!

Color Matching

I was just working with a bride on matching her bridesmaid dress color to the fabric colors for sashes and arbor fabric...we could not make a perfect match. I suggested that we go with a completely different blue to compliment the blue dress, instead of it looking like it's mismatched.
If you have a tough color to match - just use that color as your accent color - buy things that you find in that color - and use an easier color, that goes with your original choice, as your dominant color. It will make the colors flow, instead of looking like an error, and make your life much easier !
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